Jerry Pournelle and Chaos Manor Today Join

We’re thrilled to announce today that legendary tech columnist Jerry Pournelle joins us at aNewDomain. He’s reprising his famed Computing at Chaos Manor for us here — and is now our Senior Technologist. Welcome home, Jerry! gs

So thrilled to announce that famed and legendary tech journalist Dr. Jerry Pournelle joins our edit team at aNewDomain today.

Pournelle is now Senior Technologist and columnist for Welcome aboard, Jerry!

Jerry Pournelle reprises his award-winning Computing at Chaos Manor column at aNewDomain beginning today — and we’re proud and honored to have him on the staff.

Jerry is the most decorated tech journalist ever in tech — and he’s a giant in the science fiction genre. Love his stuff. Know you will, too.

It really is aNewDomain!


  • Jerry, I’ve read your work for all these years, first in Byte Magazine, and stayed with you on the web. What a delight to have you join Gina and the team here at ANewDomain. Now there is no stopping us.

  • Jerry! Welcome, I’ve really enjoyed your appearances on TWiT & what and am thrilled that you’re involved with aNewDomain now! w00t!

  • I’ll join in the chorus by saying “Welcome Jerry”! I found you through TWiT and never miss an appearance when you’re in it. Thrilled to be working with you!

  • Welcome, Jerry! The first thing I turned to in each new issue of the old BYTE magazine was Chaos Manor. It is great to see you on aNewDomain!

  • Psyched to have you back, Jerry! Can’t wait to hear what you think of your Kindle Fire! gs

  • Looking forward to reading Jerry’s columns, wherever they are. Gina, at some point you need to explain (however sanitized) what happened with


  • BYTE is up, alive and well — focused, I believe, on the consumerization of IT (COIT) phenomenon in today’s enterpriseled by an old colleague of mine from PC Week, I think, Larry Seltzer. I wish all the best of luck with our baby and thank UBM for the opportunity to lead teamBYTE, which relaunched BYTE this summer.

    And special thanks to this team — the AND team – this site launched 11.11.11 and we are iterating like mad. We’ve done so much here in so short a time! gs
    – the tech source for tech fanatics

  • I”m psyched to see so many stars who are a part of the AND galaxy, including yourself. FYI, I closed out all of my Google services because I felt as if I’d surrendered parts of my personal information to more online entities than I am comfortable with. Please feel free to contact me here, at my email address or on Twitter. Thanks. Robert.

  • I remember using the TRS-80 to write scripts in the field when I was covering technology and business for PBS. I sent them in via an accoustic coupler, when it worked. In the home/office I used WordPerfect for DOS until WP botched the OS/2 version and then OS/2 lost out to Windows, requiring a switch to MS Word. Those were the days.

  • I still have a trash-80 somewhere. Not the coupler, though : )

    I also have a Microsoft OS/2 coffee cup, from when IBM and MS together were building OS/2 in 1988!

  • Hi Jerry,
    Used to read your chaos Manor articles in Byte Mag but had lost track of you for awhile aside from reading your books. gLAD TO HAVE FOUND YOU AGAIN.