Infographic: 13 Terrible Things That Happened on Friday the 13th

It’s the Friday the 13th infographic. Don’t laugh. Plenty of weird things have happened on Friday the 13th. Not for the feint of heart.

aNewDomain— Soon it’s going to be Friday the 13 again. Don’t laugh.

Turns out the asteroid NASA expects to come dangerously close to Earth in the year 2029 will be on a Friday the 13. And the 1989 stock crash happened on a Friday the 13, too. Guess stats can say anything. But then again …

Here’s an excellent Friday the 13th set of data points … This comes to us via the kind folks at egoTV.

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      • Actually, it would be that YOU are incredibly stupid I’m afraid.
        Yes a “space ship” did have this happen, but the “Space Shuttle” wasn’t built until the 1980’s.

        Which is why he laughed.

        Reading comprehension really has gone down hill in this world.

          • I don’t usually talk quite like this. But you’re a bigger fucking idiot than he is.
            Do you understand what exactly a space “SHUTTLE” is?

            Google IS your friend jackass. Try Googling this “first space shuttle launch”, and the answer is 12 April 1981.

            Dumbass, I can’t believe you went out of your way to look stupid.

  • Since when do wildfires burn all their acreage in a single day? I could understand if they said it STARTED then… but it doesn’t.

  • This is the worst post I’ve ever seen.

    And by the way, Apollo 13’s oxygen tank exploded on MONDAY, April 13th, 1970.