I Saw Mommy Googling Santa Claus: 2012 Online Shopping Trends

Written by aNewDomain Staff

I saw Mommy googling Santa Claus. Especially alarming to retailers this year will be the phenomenon often known as “showrooming.” Ever go into a store, check out an item … and then use your mobile to buy it then and there from someone else entirely? Check out this most excellent online shopping trends infographic for the 2012 holiday season. Whoa.

Here’s what terrifies retailers: the idea of shoppers standing in a store and searching for — then purchasing, the horror! — items they see in the store first.

Retailers ought to get used to it. As you see below, that trend is endemic to the online shopping experience circa 2012. It’s the I Saw Mommy Googling Santa Claus infographic, detailing online shopping trends for 2012. It’s from the creative folks at retailcustomerexperience.com. Click to enlarge.

2012 Online and Mobile Holiday Shopping Trends [Infographic]
2012 Online and Mobile Holiday Shopping Trends [Infographic]
Online Shopping Trends Infographic compliments of RetailCustomerExperience.com