Humble Bundle for Android 3: Eric Finkenbiner Reviews

Written by Eric Finkenbiner

There’s a special place in Eric Finkenbiner’s heart for Humble Bumble for Android 3. It’s a game bundle that just seems to affordable to be true. What’s the story? Eric’s got it.

I love getting things for free as much as the next guy. But Humble Bundle, not entirely free, has a special place in my heart. The crew  groups together some of the best Android apps out there in one fun-filled package — the price is right, the bundled games cost far less than they would separately and HumbleBumble 3 is now out for Android.

I’m psyched. What’s all the fuss about? Check out my video below. Humble Bundle for Android is available for download here.

Humble Bumble 3 for Android is causing a big stir, and it is out for Windows, the Mac and Linux, too.

In a blog post, reps explain the benefits of its voluntary pay model and how what you pay goes to such charities as the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Here’s an excerpt from that post:

Several of the games are making their Android debut right here with us including BIT.TRIP BEAT, Uplink, and Spirits! We’re also bringing some brand new Linux delight with never-before-seen versions of BIT.TRIP BEAT, Spirits, and Fieldrunners! Lastly, Spirits is making its Steam and Windows debut!

As with previous bundles, purchases over $1.00 will receive keys to optionally redeem all the games on Steam. Also included in this stellar collection are soundtracks for all the games [Spirits soundtrack is unlocked if you beat the average price] in both MP3 and lossless FLAC formats.

Beyond choosing their price, bundle buyers … decide where their purchase amount goes. Contribute to … nonprofits Child’s Play Charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, both of which are doing amazing work in the name of gamers everywhere. You can also elect to send your purchase amount straight to the developers, or if you choose, you can give us a much-appreciated Humble tip for organizing the promotion.

Not too shabby.

For, I’m Eric Finkenbiner.

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  • The #hardheadz will be glad to check this out for our family Ubuntu pc.

    -RAP, II