HP N40L Microserver Teardown: Deep Tech from David McCabe WHS

It’s our David McCabe and cohosts teardown of Hewlett-Packard’s HP N40L teardown.

On the video preshow of our David McCabe’s Home Server Show Podcast, co-hostsĀ  tear down the HP N40L Microserver. Let’s see what’s inside … juicy!

This is the voodoo that they do — a deeptech teardown on the HP40L Microserver. It could well be the first teardown of this system for tech pros at work and home. If you’ve been considering this tech and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty with detailed server specs, check it out. You’ll love this teardown …

Jim Collison, in the video, says he thinks it’s the first live teardown of a microserver ever.

We’ll add specs later.