How To Make Outlook 2010 Your RSS Reader


If you live in Outlook, you’d might as well go ahead and do it. Here’s how to make Outlook 2012 your RSS reader.

Outlook has a ton of options for sending email, sharing calendars, note taking and various other plugin-like email options. If you live in Outlook all day at the office, here’s how to use Outlook 2010  as your RSS reader.

First launch Outlook 2010. Click the File tab. Then select Info >> Account Settings >> Account Settings.


The Account Settings windows appears. Click the RSS Feeds tab, then hit New.


A New RSS Feed box displays. Type in the location of the RSS Feed you want to add to Outlook.

For example, to subscribe to A New Domain, copy or type: https://anewdomain.netfeed/

This goes into the RSS Feed field.

Click Add.


Now the RSS Feed Options screen comes up. Here you give the feed a name, change the delivery feed folder, change Update Limit and other options. I just stick with the default settings. Edit them later if you like. Click OK.


The RSS Feed you added will show up in the list.

When you’re done adding RSS Feeds, click Close.


Now you can read the news feeds from your favorite sites right in Outlook. Awesome!


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