How To Fund Your Startup? These Five Handy Guides Will Help …

how to financ a startup
Written by Gina Smith

Ready to fund your startup? We gathered up five great visual guides to help you out. Check out our set of Startup 101 infographics right here …

aNewDomain — Got a startup idea? Join the club. Got a funded startup? Well, that club is just a bit more exclusive.

Here are a few of our favorite visual guides on the matter. These infographics do a great, quick job of covering how startup valuation works, how to craft a great investor deck, how to fund your startup using non-traditional means and how and why startups fail.

First, it pays to dig into the mysterious art of startup valuation. Check out How Startup Valuation Works, by Anna Vital for, below.

how-startup-valuation-works-infographic how to fund your startup funding startups funding startup


Once you basically know what kind of money you’ll need, you need a startup funding strategy. If you haven’t already given some thought to this, check out The Grasshopper Group’s How To Pick a Startup Funding Strategy, below.



This next infographic, courtesy of the wise folks over at FortunePick, will help you develop the awesome investor pitch you’ll need to get the funds every startup needs to get started. Take a look at the killer Crafting a Killer Investor Pitch infographic, below.


how to finance a startup infographic how to craft a killer investor pitch infographic

You might want to cast your net wider than just looking to the typical funding sources in your network. That’s why I like this next infographic. Take a look at the Seven Innovative Ways to Finance a Startup Business, below …startup-financestartup-finance startup funding infographic


Why do startups fail? If you don’t ask yourself that question, you risk not seeing the warning signs when you can still turn things around. Check out the Why Startups Fail infographic, below.


why-startups-fail startup funding

For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.

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