Google YouTube: How To Delete Videos From Your YouTube Channel

Check Videos

Too much information? A little too zealous with that webcam? Here’s how to remove your videos on your YouTube channel.

Google YouTube provides awesome tools to easily create, upload and publish your own videos. If you have old ones up that you want to get rid of — and I think everybody does — here is how to do it.

First  log into your YouTube account.


Next click your user name on the upper left side of the screen. Click My Videos.

My videos

You’re brought to the list of videos you created. Simply check the box next to each video you want to delete.  Then click the Actions dropdown menu and click Delete.

Check Videos

You’ll get a warning message telling you the action cannot be undone. Click Continue.

Confirm delete

And that’s all there is to it. Find more great how tos here and at our partner site, where I’m executive editor,

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