Higgs Weeps: At CERN, Higgs Boson “God” Particle Excites, Ignites

Written by Larry Press

The Higgs Boson subatomic building block particle — or so-called “god particle” — is dominating science news with innumerable How Quantum Physics Works infographics and deep explainers. Dr. Higgs is visibly moved in this video.

I am fascinated by the joy and hope it evokes.

Pictured below:  British physicist Peter Higgs, lead theorist behind the Higgs Boson proposition that there lies inside even the tiniest subatomic materials — quarks and so on — an even more basic building block. CERN is working to prove that theory now, as reps recently said in a public statement.

Photo Credit: Larry Press, CIS 471

The Higgs Boson, truly just energy as described, would be the most elementary material found in our world or in the universe. It is potentially a building block – or even the building block — of all the seen and unseen matter and energy and life in the universe.

Though still, substrates of energy might exist even below tiny Bosons.

Many call it the “god particle” for its seeming pervasiveness through all matter. I worry that term will politically complicate the simplicity of the science, but no matter. It’s done.

LinkTV — an Emmy winning satellite world news and music network delivers diverse and unfiltered international news feeds worldwide. It produced this video called The Moment. It stands to memorialize the moment Higgs Boson went from theory to reality. Check that out. PBS dramatized the Higgs theory and controversies in a particularly lucid piece below.

Watch The Higgs Particle Matters on PBS. See more from NOVA.

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