Happy April Fools’ Day: Ahem, Thanks Google.

Google pulled a series of April Fool’s Day pranks. In case you missed them on Sunday, here’s a roundup from our Chris Poirier.

April Fool’s Day is over and it might finally be safe to click on Google and its services again.

Makes you wonder if Google has too much time on its hands. If you missed Google’s shenanigans on April 1, a Sunday, here’s a recap.

Gmail Tap

All you need is a deep knowledge of Morse Code.


Google Maps 8-bit

I knew there was a reason I had an old Nintendo Entertainment system lying around.  So wipe the dust off that bad boy and let Google Maps show how to get where in 8 bits.  To get this, click on the icon right, it’s labeled Quest.  Totally worth it. And be sure to check out Streetview.

Google Chrome Multitask Mode

If one mouse isn’t enough, then why not try two?  Google Chrome has the perfect extension for that.  LOL.

Google Fiber

Well, I really wanted Gbit Internet connectivity sooner rather than later. But this seems legit.

YouTube Collection (enough said).

I’m Chris Poirier and this is aNewDomain.net .



  • c’mon Christopher – what’s this crap about Google having too much time on its hands?

    why don’t you check with John C Dvorak? April Fool items have been a long cherished tradition going back into the 1970s and 80s – I well remember some great ones in Datamation in that era and I’m not at all sure that John C and his contemporaries weren’t responsible for not a few of them.


    • Now, now..that was with tongue firmly planted in cheek. all in good fun.