Google Music Store, Gmail in iTunes, Nokia Win8 Tablet: TechNow with Gina Smith 11.16.11

TechNow with Gina Smith, a daily noon technews roundup in two minutes or less.

Today in the news, Google is set to unveil the Goole Music store in a few moments — it’ll compete right up against iTunes, selling songs for a buck a pop. Also in the news, remember that Gmail for iOS app that arrived in and disappeared from iTunes a couple of weeks ago. Well, it’s back.

One of our staffers, Chris Miller, tried it out and said he still found it disappointing. So far he can get it to support only one Gmail address. Also, Microsoft hasn’t said when Windows 8 will be ready, but Nokia let slip to a French newspaper that it has a tablet in the works set to ship in June 2012 — and it’s based on Windows 8. Happy Thursday!