Google Self-Driving Car: Getting In? Ant Pruitt Survey

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Written by Ant Pruitt

CA Governor Jerry Brown signed SB1298, making the Google self-driving car and other autonomous vehicles legal to test in California. Would you get into one? Google co-founder Larry Page says it’s safer. Our Ant Pruitt says he’s not getting into version one of this thing … what do you think? Here’s the bottom line.

Google co-founder Larry Page broke the news on his Google+ account. On September 26, California Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 1298, making California the third state in the U.S., after Florida and Nevada, to allow self-driving cars from Google and other makers onto the freeway.

Scroll below the fold to find videos of the self-driving car, as Google envisions it, anyway. And then there’s my take on the matter. What’s yours? Would you get into version one of a Google self-driving car?

On his Google+ page, Google co-founder Larry Page said he was elated. “Think about how many people are under-served by transportation today, like those with disabilities, and how self driving cars will transform their lives,” he wrote. “Or (of) the wasted time you sit in your car every day commuting to and from work. Or the deaths and injuries that could be avoided. It’s great to think that when young kids start driving the cars they’re in will be guiding them safely on their journey.”

I’ll be down for this when it’s three versions in. I know I’m not diving into version 1.0. Would you?

Here’s the video of California Gov. Brown announcing his signing of SB 1298 at Google’s Mountain View, CA headquarters. “Today, we’re looking at science fiction becoming tomorrow’s reality (in the) self-driving car,” Brown said at the press conference.

Here’s inventor Sebastian Thrun talking about his vision at a TED event last year.

Here’s my take on it.

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