It’s a Beautiful Day in the Fiberhood: Google Fiber Kansas City Videos

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Written by Gina Smith

Here’s a round up of Google Fiber themed videos — today Google announced Kansas City will get Google Fiber. Check out the parody videos here, too. Fun with fiber! Also check out Google’s rendition of what your Internet speed times 100 looks like.

Fiber optic image: Wikimedia Commons

Google posted a Thank You, Kansas City video on the news that it is launching its first so-called “fiberhood,” a fiber optic data network capable of delivering speeds of up to 100X faster than regular broadband connections. The $10 a month Internet service is called Google Fiber.

Predictably the announcement featured the longtime jazz standard, “Kansas City, Here I Come.”

The promise here, say Google reps, revolves around “instant downloads” and ultra clear HD video online on a Google-created site explaining the news today.

Google is loudly urging residents there to pre register for this service — and with an incentive, too. Check this out.

So what is 100X Internet speed going to look like for KC residents? On its post, Google has a demonstration. Find the demonstration of 100x Internet speeds soon to be available in KC. Here’s a snap of the page.

Here is Google’s description of the fiberhood — the first of dozens it is planning the United States and elsewhere, ┬áreps say.

This parody video makes fun of Topeka, Kansas efforts to get the service. LOL.