Google Docs: How to Use Its New Spell Check and Auto Correct

Chris Poirier gives the lowdown on the new spell-check features in Google Docs.

In its ongoing attempt to make Google Docs more and more like your standard desktop word processor, Google recently revamped its spellchecker. Now it has spell check suggestions.  

For instance, the new features will not only inform you of a misspelled word and make a suggestion, it will also identify words for capitalization.  (i.e., names, locations, etc.)  Google has also added contextual recommendations, too.  This feature lets you ensure proper word usage and see potential options for selection.

Besides bringing the Google Docs suite in line with other word processing suites, Google is  powering its spell check features with its search engine.  

So Google is focusing the power of its search tools on how it spell checks documents.  This means, as more words and contextual concepts are placed on the Internet, its spell check features will learn with it.  Try it out.

Open a Google Doc. It will identify words that are misspelled or out of context and mark them with a red dotted underline.  Then just right click the word and select the appropriate option from the drop down list.

While you are checking out the new spell check feature, you should take a moment to adjust your Auto Correct and Replace options, too. 

To look over your Auto Correction options, hit the Tools drop down menu and select Preferences. Check the box next to Automatic Substitution and the other boxes for items you’d like the system to automatically correct and replace.

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