Google Chrome for Android Beta: First Look and Review

Here’s our senior editor Todd Townsend giving you a first look at the just-out Google Chrome for Android Beta. He’s got it on his Samsung Galaxy Nexus, based on Android 4.0.4 ice cream sandwich. What’s the deal? Overall it’s a winner. But there’s a catch. Short form vidcast. [00:02:30]

New York: Google announced and began selling its new Google Chrome for Android Beta here on the Android Market. I put it through its paces.

For my first look, I installed Google Chrome for Android Beta on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus (by Verizon) running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich (ics) earlier this week. For a beta product, I’m pretty impressed.

Here’s everything I loved about it — and what’s missing. See if you agree and comment below. Short form video. [Duration: 00:02:30]

For aNewDomain here in New York, I’m your reporter on the general science and futurism beats and I’m also on anewdomain’s team of Android app reviewers. Watch for more from me on the other Google Chrome release from this past week, Chrome 11. Email me at if you have ideas or an east coast event you think I should attend. Later!


  • And +Ant look how smooth Todd is with that webcam. Raw camera talent looks like that! GREAT JOB, TODD — and more importantly, KILLER REVIEW! gs

    It’s aNewDomain.

  • One more thing that I did not have time to fit into the review. If you are viewing a page in Chrome Android with lots links spaced closely together on the screen, you will get a magnification bubble in that space, allowing you to easily select the correct link. Very slick, thoughtful, and well-implemented.