Google Chrome Extension: Cloud Save Freeware

Everyone in my geek circle uses Google Chrome or Firefox. Rarely do I hear of people using Internet Explorer. I love Google Chrome’s look, feel, functionality and extension variety.  Then I discovered Cloud Save. Chrome users can with cloud storage accounts such as Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, or Box easily upload items found on web pages to their cloud storage with a simple right click. All you need is the Google Cloud Save extension.

Noticed some data on a web page you need to send to your personal cloud service? Just right click.  See how I uploaded this image of Dr. Jerry Pournelle to my Google Drive storage below.


Image credit: Dr. Jerry Pournelle for

When you right click on an image or hyperlink from the web, you’re given standard options from your operating system. With the Cloud Save extension installed, the “Cloud Save” menu option comes up so you can select your standard cloud storage services.  I selected Google and noticed that several other options are available such as Picasa, Flickr and other social media services. This option varies depending on the data being uploaded. You won’t be able to send an mp3 hyperlink to Flickr since it’s not a photograph that’s being uploaded.

This extension is really handy. Files are available at your fingertips on your mobile device — if you have the applicable app installed.  Check out my DroidX screen capture with the Google Drive app installed.  One disclaimer from the developer: The Microsoft Skydrive isn’t currently supported because “Microsoft requires a redirect domain for a web app to use their Live connect API, but I don’t have any domain right now,” says the developer on the details page.



Give the Cloud Save extension a try if you’re a Google Chrome user.  Thanks to 1938News’sVincent Ferrrari, for sharing this Chrome gem. This tool is great for pushing web data I need for my personal use. I’m Ant Pruitt for