Google: Wikipedia Scores 5M from Sergei Brin Plus $15M More Via Global Donations

Wikipedia just raised 20 million US dollars from global donors — $5M came from Google founder’s Sergei Brin and his wife’s foundation.

Catch this today? The Wikimedia Foundation – the org that manages and runs the non-profit Wikipedia non-profit digital encyclopedia phenom — has raised $20 million in donations in its most recent fund-raising drive. Google founder Sergei Brin and his wife, Ann, the founder of 23andme, donated $5 million of it.

DISCLOSURE: This writer serves on a board with Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales, Washington DC attorney Andrea Wales and James Clark on another non-profit, This is a straight news report with no commentary from me, per our ethical guidelines at aNewDomain.

The news came this morning. I emailed Wales for a comment — I expect him to expound tomorrow, so check back. This was the non-profit’s eighth annual fundraiser and its most profitable, reps said.

That is due in large part to Brin and wife, Anne Wojcicki, who they say donated the funds via the Brin Wojcicki Foundation.

“This grant is an important endorsement of the Wikimedia Foundation and its work, and I hope it will send a signal as we kick off our annual fundraising campaign this week,” said Sue Gardner, exec director in a posted statement from Wikimedia reps. More of it excerpted below.

“This is how Wikipedia works: people use it, they like it, and so they help pay for it, to keep it freely available for themselves and for everyone around the world. I am very grateful to Sergey Brin and Anne Wojcicki for supporting what we do.” Brin’s wife Ann is the co-founder of genetic testing company 23andMe. According to Wikimedia, the duo’s foundation has also funded organizations like the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which is researching a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

Watch for comments from Wales here on aNewDomain. If I miss him while he’s traveling this week, I’ll catch him at the board meeting. We’ll report how the money will be used and what the next steps for Wikipedia.