Gina Smith: Apple iPhone 5 Unveiling: Wow (and kinda boring)

Written by Gina Smith

Well, the news is out. The Apple iPhone 5 is here and CEO Tim Cook today announced a gazillion software improvements. All iterative. Sleepy yet?

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Today, on Tech Now with Gina Smith, the topic is Apple’s fancy iPhone 5 event in San Francisco today — and whether its iterative approach is a yawn. There’s nothing too groundbreaking in these announcements, observers agree Apple added important improvements to iOS and iTunes today … what it’s all just maturing the product.

There’s nothing mind blowing, as one commentator in Wired so eloquently put it, in today’s set of Apple iPhone, iPod Nano and and iPod touch announcements. Some great software fixes though…

Here why in two minutes on Tech Now with Gina Smith for 13 September 2012.

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