Get your swag on: the Android edition

Every once in a while you find awesome swag on the internet that just makes you smile.  This has become even easier in recent history given things like Etsy and Kickstarter.  If you’re looking for some cool and unique Android swag to spend your hard-earned money on, check out my picks below.

Andru USB Phone Charger


I saw this little guy a few months back.  If you’re like me, you have a mess of USB charging cables lying around your office.  Having everything draped in black and grey cables can be a bit depressing, so spice it up with the Andru charger.

Android Hoodie


Hailing from the Google store, here is the official Android Hoodie.  This one falls squarely in the “That’s pretty awesome but I think I’d get beat up” category.

Android Beanie

Credit: Julie Murray,

I love supporting artisans, and Etsy makes that very easy.  Julie over at HandmadeOfAwesome makes hand-crafted Android beanies that will certainly help your inner geek shine through.

Full Disclosure:  I bought these for myself and the rest of the Attack of the Androids crew last year for Christmas.  I like to wear it while I’m making breakfast.


Android Cookie Jar


I saved my favorite pick for last.  This genuine Android cookie jar is another item out of the official Google store.  With a cookie jar this awesome, you can bank on losing a few belt notches after you score this hot item.

Have you come across any interesting swag on the internet?  Let me know on Google Plus (+Eric Finkenbiner) or Twitter (@MyBrotherIsChad)

For, I’m Eric Finkenbiner.