Genius Pack Intelligent Travel Backpack: Best. Backpack. Ever. [review]

Genius Pack Intelligent Travel backpack
Written by Terry Gardner

Travel editor Terry Gardner puts the Genius Pack Intelligent Travel Backpack through its paces. Here’s her review — and why you might want to make this new $68 backpack your go to this fall. Here’s why.

aNewDomainGenius Pack Intelligent Travel backpack review — If you put off packing to the last minute, this one’s for you. It’s called the Genius Pack, luggage that makes it hard to forget anything because there are literally pockets and compartments in it for everything.

The $68 Genius Pack Intelligent Travel Backpack works for travelers, students, commuters and possibly even packing-challenged seniors without back problems. I know because I’ve been testing it for awhile now on the many trips I take as a travel writer for The Chicago Tribune and here, of course, on aNewDomain.

Here’s my Genius Pack Intelligent Backpack review. Yes, that’s me with one, at left …

The Genius Pack Intelligent Backpack Factoids:

The main thing about the Genius Pack backpack is that, truly, it designates a place for everything. That’s the secret of organization, you know.

The Genius Pack offers space for not just pens and smartphones, but also for eyeglasses, business cards, earbuds, a small umbrella and keys. There are even integrated pockets for a small speaker and, interestingly, for a thin battery pack. (Genius Pack Portable 2200 mAh Mobile Charger is sold separately, $28).

Genius Pack Intelligent Travel backpack back to schoolThe padded computer compartment will hold up to a 17-inch laptop.

The best news: This backpack has built-in back support and breathable mesh for integrated air flow. That kept my back pretty happy during even my longest transcontinental trips. The Genius Pack also sports a sleek ergonomic design and adjustable padded shoulder straps, so you can distribute the load you’re carrying for maximum comfort. Its size: 17.5 inches x 3 inches x 12 inches. Not bad.

A backpack for the distracted. And why not?

I am easily distracted when I pack, so it helps when my backpack tells me what goes where.

In my ongoing review, I found that the Genius Pack Intelligent Backpack was a snap to Genius Pack Intelligent Travel backpack keyspack, and it was easier to pack as time went on. Also, I’m one of those people who tends to panic as I leave the house, worried I might have forgotten something. The designated spots really did make satisfying my neurotic needs easy, which makes me look and feel less neurotic.

It’s quick and easy to check the designated spots to make sure I have my cards, backup battery, phone and keys.

There’s no need to start digging around or emptying out the bag like a nut. How can you not appreciate that?

I should add that I also tested the lightweight Genius Pack Portable 2200 mAh Mobile Charger, an optional $28 purchase with the Genius Pack. It met all my battery extender needs and, as you’d expect, it fit neatly in the battery pocket.

Still, nothing’s perfect …

I have just a few criticisms about the Genius Pack. One has to do with the headphone pocket. It really isn’t big enough for headphones; it’s really more earbud-sized, which is how I ended up using it.

Genius Pack Intelligent Travel backpack with stuff insideIt would be nice if the folks at Genius Pack could enlarge that pocket in the next rev. Same goes for the umbrella pocket. I have a small umbrella, but that still isn’t small enough for the umbrella pocket.

Finally, the addition of a chest strap would make this quite excellent backpack totally perfect for me. A few times, when I really had to race through an airport to catch a connection, I noticed it would slip off my shoulders a little.

But these are small nits I’d hope and expect to see in future Genius Pack releases. None of them is a huge deal. Here’s a Genius Pack-produced video that, while promotional, does show you backpack in action.

Suggestion to Genius Pack:

How about an adult version of the Genius Pack called the Afterhours Pack or the For Adults Only Pack. Special pockets would indicate where to stash condoms, lubricants, a vibrator, an inflatable doll, etc.

Even if you didn’t put those items in it, think about how many TSA eyeballs you could make roll. Endless entertainment! As you see, I am always full of great ideas.

Bottom line: I give the Genius Pack two thumbs up. If I could, I’d give it three thumbs up. It’s rare I like a review product this much. Now I have to buy one.

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All images: Terry Gardner