Gaming Pinterest: The Great Experiment (Mediatapper)

Our partner site,, is conducting an experiment on the social power of Pinterest. Its editor Michael Van Der Galien explains.

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Our partner site,, recently posted a piece called Don’t Let Your Pinterest Become An Ad Factory. And today its author, MediaTapper editor Michael Van Der Galien, announces he is conducting an experiment with Pinterest.

His theory — and it’s a good one — is that sharing other people’s content on Pinterest generates more traffic. Seems reasonable. In today’s post on Mediatapper, Michael writes:

Would sharing other people’s content on a consistent basis truly have an impact on the traffic Pinterest generates for Media Tapper, or was it all a one-time thing? In order to find out the answer, I decided to ‘pin’ differently on different days. On some I’d only (or mostly) share our own content, on other days I’d include articles at other websites. The result? On days that I did not share other people’s content, traffic from Pinterest to went down. When I spread the love around again, our traffic went up.

So Mediatapper is, this coming week, undergoing what Michael is calling “The Grand Pinterest Experiment Phase II.” His goal is to determine what the exact amount of shares is to generate the right amount of Pinterest love. Is he gaming Pinterest or is Pinterest gaming him? Check out his full piece here.

Here’s a shot our Jonathan Hoffberg took of our photojournalist Julie Blaustein’s Pinterest page on the edit team. Ever growing. Great coverage as usual, Mediatapper.

Screenshot credit: Jonathan Hoffberg for