Friday Freeware: TeamViewer Remote Access


TeamViewer Remote Access is Ant Pruitt’s choice for Freeware Friday. Check it out!

If you’re a geek like I am, you are always getting calls for help from your tech-confused friends. TeamViewer Remote Access is one of my favorite apps for fixing someone’s computer via remote access. And it’s free.

TeamViewer is a remote-access software package that lets you access other computers online.  Unlike the Remote Desktop application that ships with Windows, TeamViewer works across other platforms.

Run or install TeamViewer — your choice. You also are able to configure it to run when you start your computer. Once the application is running, the person who needs computer assistance just needs the ID number and password the app generates.


Once you enter and accept all credentials remote support begins. The beauty of TeamViewer is you never need to configure your router for port forwarding. TeamViewer uses the World Wide Web http port by default, so it works in the same way it would as if you were supporting the user via a browser.

A window opens to display your user’s desktop. The screen capture shows the  remote Linux computer I’ve connected to via my Windows XP computer. It’s seamless cross-platform access.

Teamviewer Desktop

Other features of TeamViewer include keystroke commands such as:

  • Ctrl-Alt-Delete
  • Remote reboot
  •  Remote screen recording
  •  File transfer protocol
  •  VPN
  •  Chatting
  •  VOIP

TeamViewer also offers mobile applications for Android and iOS devices. The mobile application is only good for offering support — not for remote access to your mobile device. This is free in applicable mobile application stores. I use the mobile version quite regularly to access my home PC as well as those of my parents, who need help the most.

Check out my DroidX screen. Here you see I’m accessing the Linux PC via TeamViewer.
Teamviewer Android App

The best benefit of this application is the price. TeamViewer is free for personal non-commercial use. If you attempt to use it over a corporate network and corporate MAC address, you need to register for a paid license.

TeamViewer Remote Access is my choice for Freeware Friday.