Freeware: Spyware for Windows? How to Use ComboFix

Here’s how to use Combofix freeware to get rid of your PC’s spyware.

Do you suspect spyware on your system? If you do, I recommend Combofix. It’s a freeware utility for Windows that detects and deletes spyware. Do pay attention while running it. ComboFix runs at system level and you want to watch menu selections closely so you don’t unintentionally damage your computer.

First, download the latest ComboFix version at your system at the site. Download as instructed and save it where it’s easily accessible. I save mine on the Desktop.

Caution: Don’t rename the file! When renamed, the program combofix.exe automatically self destructs. Now, close all open programs before you run Combofix. You want to work with a nice clean system. Right click on the ComboFix icon now on your desktop.  These are system level changes. Select Run as Admistrator.

Hang on a moment or so.

You may see this screen during the registry backup. This is a key step — backing up your registry in case something goes wrong later. As you see below, it will create a system restore point if you don’t have one.

Now ComboFix will scan for infected files.

Let it publish its report. Resist the urge to do anything with your computer before then.

The log report will tell you about infections ComboFix deleted, if any.

That’s it. I recommend updating and running ComboFix every month or so. For those of you who are heavy Internet users — you know who you art — try running this every two weeks for best results.