Freeware: LastPass Password Manager

Our Todd Moore’s freeware pic is LastPass — it’s a master password system and a tremendous security tool for web shopping and surfing. Here’s why.

My favorite freeware is LastPass, from LastPass Corp.

It lets you set up a master password so that you never have to remember multiple website logins. Once you set it up –don’t lose it or forget it, because you’ll need it whenever you launch your browser — you have an easy and secure way to protect your access to banking, medical and other sensitive sites. It works with all major PC, Mac and Linux browsers. For a small fee you can also use it on your mobile device. Once you start using it, you’ll have a hard time imagining surfing the web without it. It’s truly a powerful program.

Here’s another thing to know about LastPass. Not only will it store your passwords and give you one master password to cover them all, but it can also store other sensitive data like credit card information, addresses,¬† your social security number, your mother’s maiden name, anything that your tired of typing into your browser — so LastPass can automatically fill in for you. What a timesaver.