Secunia Personal Software Inspector: Freeware Friday

Secunia PSI - Personal Software InspectorUpdating software is a must, security-wise. Our managing editor and freeware guru Jeremy Lesniak this week takes his hat off to Secunia Personal Software Inspector for Windows. Here’s why.

Keeping your software updates is key to computer security. Even if you use a tool like Ninite, you’re still going to waste time and bandwidth keeping track of every single update.

That’s why I’m choosing Secunia Personal Software Inspector (Secunia PSI) for this week’s Freeware Friday.

Secunia PSI - Personal Software Inspector


Secunia PSI monitors your applications and keeps many of them updated for you. It is an excellent piece of freeware. Customize your controls — for instance, it’s possible to disable automatic updates and adjust how often it checks programs. Or exclude programs at the folder level altogether.

I’ve used Secunia PSI on a number of systems and I’ve always been impressed. It’s saved me time, true, but it’s successfully identified security holes in programs I hadn’t even considered.

It pairs wonderfully with Ninite.

Secunia PSI is Windows only, for now anyway, but it’s free. And yes, there’s a corporate version available for network scans. Sys admins will find that super handy.  Happy Friday!