Safeway Just for U: Freeware Friday (review)

Our Julie Blaustein selects Safeway’s Just for U app for Android and iTunes as her freeware app picks of the week. Here’s how it works.

It’s not sexy, but I’m excited about Safeway’s free app anyway. The grocer’s Just For U app saves money by tracking deals and coupons for you. And it’s my choice for Freeware Friday.

The free app is available now for Android and for Apple iOS via iTunes. I took a look and it was love at first bite.

The navigation is super easy. Choose from the following sections: Weekly Ad, Coupon Center, Personalized Deals and See All Offers.

The Weekly Ad contains all the coupons that you would find in a weekly circular such as found in The San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Edition. You have to manually add the coupons to the My List section, though.

Thankfully, the Coupon Center as it contains all the offers that Safeway passes along after aggregating offers and coupons from makers of the groceries and other goods Safeway sells.

I currently have 227 offers available to me. It’s easy to add the coupons to your Safeway Card if you are planning to buy the product. Once you add it to your card, just add them to your list. The My List section is handiest if you purchase the same things often.

When you go to check out you will find the items you added to your “My Card” scanned through your Safeway Card and you are guaranteed to save money.


The best part about the app is that it removes the need to ever clip Safeway coupons again. All the coupons are automatically downloaded onto your Safeway card. Registration is required, I should note, to get a Safeway card if you don’t have one already. Register for a Safeway Card if you plan on using this app.

The most interesting and useful section of the App is its so-called Personalized Deals. These coupons are based on your past shopping behavior and target brands you usually buy. They were right on the money, too. Hidden Valley Ranch and Skippy Peanut Butter, two things I always buy, were right on there. Because this short list is tailored to you, just review and add those items to your card or your list in the app.

If there’s a downside to the app, it’s that the See All Offers isn’t that useful to me. I do like how easy it is to sort through the various categories of all the items you are being offered.


Overall, I give the Just For U app a thumb’s up! It’s an easy way to find deals and save money on the items you buy most often. I hate coupon clipping but I love saving money — that’s why I’ve selected Just for U as my Freeware Friday app.

For, I’m Julie Blaustein.