Freeware Friday: Ninite

Ninite is our managing editor Jeremy Lesniak’s pick for Freeware Friday.

One of my favorite Windows programs is Ninite. It’s free and it has changed my life. With Ninite, I am able to cut hours off my reinstallation time whenever I format my disk. Let me explain.

Ninite is free — a service that allows you to select from the most common freeware applications available. Select and download a little installer that manages the download and installation of each selected program. Ninite doesn’t install toolbars or other ad supported junk, either. It’s simply the most effective, efficient way of setting up your computer I know of.

Even better, save the customized installer and use it to update programs. It won’t download programs that don’t need installation or updating, which saves time and bandwidth.

Give it a try. Visit and see what you think. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section below.