Ford Raptor vs. Mars Rover Infographic (parody)

Written by Gina Smith

Talk about off-road vehicles. Check out his cheeky infographic to see how the Ford Raptor and the Mars Rover compare. Graphic: TopSpeed.Com.

This Ford Raptor vs. Mars Rover infographic made me laugh out loud this morning. Kudos to the folks at the car blog Top Speed.

The folks at TopSpeed thought it would be fun to compare two off-road vehicles — the Ford SVT Raptor and the Mars Rover, set to arrive on Mars early Monday or late Sunday US time. So it designed what it calls this “cheeky” infographic. From the folks at Top Speed:

We … love how Ford has let its automotive hair down in recent years and become a little more cheeky, for lack of a better word, with its commercials and other advertisements. Combine the two together and you have some really good stuff.

Ford did just that combination, as it pits its SVT Raptor, which has a $43,970 MSRP, against the Mars Rover Curiosity, which is costing the tax payers a total of $2.5 billion. Really, there is no comparison between the two in a literal sense, but Ford has used its recently discovered sense of humor to compare the two in a sharp iconographic.

Comments a Top Speed rep, “Things like the 35-gallon fuel capacity of the Raptor against the 10.6 pounds of plutonium-dioxide fuel aboard the Curiosity Rover are the types of goofy comparisons (the infographic makes). Or how about Ford’s punchy 6.2-liter V-8 pitted up against the nuclear radioscope thermoelectric power generator strapped to the Rover?”

Well done!