Eric Finkenbiner: Diary of a Tortured Net User, When the Internet Goes Down

Written by Eric Finkenbiner

Some people are miserable and overwhelmed by the Internet. They whine it’s too much information to deal with. They can’t manage. I’ll tell you one thing — I am definitely not one of those folks. I recently lost my net access for an entire weekend at home in Rangoon, Burma. I lived. But not well.

So I journaled  about my misery. Here’s how my non-digital misery looked like when the Internet goes down. Enjoy. I think.

I wrote these journal entries in a moleskin notebook. So I wasn’t checking the DSL modem, tablet,  smartphone or laptop every 15 minutes for once.

But here’s what was funny. I noticed that I got really excited in a Pavlovian way any time I heard one of my devices play a notification indicating that it had successfully connected to the Internet and pulled down an update.

Even better were the times that I sat at my kitchen table staring at a download meter, hoping that the latest build of Jelly Bean for my Asus EEEPad Transformer Prime table would finish downloading before the next inevitable outage. They kept on coming. Arg.

This is Eric Finkenbiner. Unplugged. Finally back online.

ED: How do you deal with long-term net outages. Send an email to or or comment below.


  • This is terribly hilarious! Great job, Eric F. Glad you’re online and I have never seen a handwritten diary in a post before.

  • Kudos on actually being able to write legibly. I’ve been keyboarding so long that not only does my handwriting look like gibberish, I get cramps in my hand after half a page. :-)

  • I would be interested to compare his dream journal entries from the last few months with these entries. I bet there is a lot of similar “wishing” going on. Cool write up Eric, it was a wonderful read.

  • Thanks Dan.  I always worry that my handwriting is going downhill, so “legibly” is a win in my book!