Facebook Timeline: What Facebook Now Knows About You

European Max Schrems asked Facebook to send him every shred of information Facebook had on him. It did. Check out the results — 1,200 PDF files.

Facebook today announced its controversial new timeline feature, giving users a seven-day grace period to remove photos they don’t want visible on it. The feature will go live in late December, Facebook reps said. Given privacy concerns, I was especially interested today in a YouTube video regarding a European who asked for — and received — more than 1,200 PDF files of data on him that Facebook had collected.

According to the YouTube user who posted this video a month ago, Austrian student Max Schrems asked Facebook to send every shred of info it had on them. Facebook sent Schrems the CD with more than 1,200 plus PDF files.

Here’s the video.

Beginning today, you’ll see a button offering you to enable the feature.

And here’s the grace period warning. Look at all those embarrassing pics now while you still can.


  • I’m actually less concerned about the actual pictures (I don’t post pictures I wouldn’t want to see on the grocery store public board but rather that map which locates where the picture was taken. A prom picture of my son is fine but NOT when it then locates my home. There seems to be no way to disable this map option & no way not to have the map on the Timeline.

  • Yes, I have been trying to disable the map from the timeline, too, for exactly the same reason. As usual, we have Facebook pushing said envelope. gs