Facebook Timeline: How to Customize and Activate It

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aNewDomain’s photojournalist Julie Blaustein shows you how to set up your Facebook timeline.

As a photographer, I find the Facebook timeline feature compelling. Just note: You have just seven days to customize its look and feel– and delete any pics you don’t want up there — before you publish it live.

First, get your Facebook timeline.

Now, add a cover. This will be right above your profile pics.¬†Choose a photo that is at least 720 pixels wide¬†— and one you feel truly represents you. It is the first thing others will see when they come to your Timeline.

Add a Cover

Now, check out the view.

To the right of your profile picture — under the cover you just set — you’ll find all your Facebook material.


Explore Your Activity Log

Under Cover, click on Activity Log. Here you’ll see a list of all your posts and activity since the day you joined Facebook. Manage your connections and review stories organized by date and photos that you are tagged in, change who sees individual stories and more. Or just leave it. How much you want to show the world on Facebook is entirely up to you at this point in the install.

Activity Log

Timeline is all about your collection of photos, events and experiences. Scroll down or choose a date to dive into that time in your life.

Stories 2006

To finish installing the timeline, customize it. Choose elements you definitely want to hide, add or show prominently. All you need to do is hover over a story and click on a star to expand it to widescreen — or click the pencil to hide or delete the post. Show more stories by hovering over the dots.

Now you’re ready to go public with your timeline.