Facebook Pre IPO Value: In Color

This excellent infographic portrays Facebook pre Initial Public Offering. The company is making an IPO this morning — at an estimated valuation of $100B. After a six-month freeze out period, employees with shares will be able to sell, creating some 1,000 new millionaires in SIlicon Valley area, just south of San Francisco.

Infographic:Creative Commons License and Statista.com

Thanks to Guy Kawasaki @alltop for sending along this great infographic depicting Facebook in detail pre its Initial Public Offering (IPO) when the bell rings and markets open on Wall Street today.

Early Wednesday, rumors blazed that Facebook would cuts its share offering by a half, a tactic analysts say companies sometimes employ to cause an initial spike in price at a highly visible IPO.

An estimated 1,000 new millionaires will be driving sportscars around Mountain View, CA, after the typical six-week IPO selling-lockout is complete.

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