Facial Recognition Makes a Leap from Sci-Fi (The New York Times)

Photo credit: Jen Myronic

From The New York Times today, facial recognition debuts on billboards in three cities soon. What are the implications? A great weekend read!

From the Sunday New York Times: An intriguing piece on facial recognition tech and a company, Immersive Labs, that’s bringing it to so-called smart signs. What are the implications here? EU and US privacy watchdogs have filed complaints against Google and Facebook based in part on facial recognition features. Smart signs will appear in at least three cities before the end of the year, according to this story.

What a great weekend read. Story by Natasha Singer. Source: New York Times

Photo credit: Jen Myronic, published in The New York Times today.

Smart signs using facial recognition software are scheduled for introduction in three cities this month. But of bars in Chicago?

SceneTap, a new app for smart phones, uses cameras with facial detection software to scout bar scenes. Without identifying specific bar patrons, it posts information like the average age of a crowd and the ratio of men to women, helping bar-hoppers decide where to go. More than 50 bars in Chicago participate.

Immersive Labs in Manhattan has developed software for digital billboards that gauges the characteristics of passers-by in order to display ads likely to attract them. More here at The New York Times …


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