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Written by aNewDomain Staff

Meet our news ed Eric Mack. Based in Taos, Eric is a veteran tech writer. Another teamBYTE alum, he’s been with us at Find his great material here, at Crave and at Crowdsourcing …

If you’ve been following this edit team’s work for awhile — last summer many of us on this team served the relaunch of BYTE as the teamBYTE edit team — then you know Eric Mack. A true news hound, he broke the Amazon Kindle Fire story and countless others for us. Too bad he’s in Taos, NM. You might also know him for his Ranting Roundup daily satirical take on tech.

Eric, a veteran tech journalist, served as head of news for BYTE and is a co-founder on the 11:11:11 alpha launch team of (That group also includes Gina Smith, Jonathan Hoffberg, David Street, Chris Miller, Jeremy Lesniak and Mat Lee.)

Here’s a video of he created for the occasion. Check out his work on Crave, a CNET property, and on

Email Eric news tips at and follow him @anewdomain. He is +Eric Mack on Google+

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