Endeavor Flyover Image Gallery: Two MPH Over Los Angeles

Written by Gina Smith

Did you snap a pic of the incredible 2 mph Endeavor flyover in LA this weekend? It will arrive at its home museum at 5 a.m. Sunday, October 14, 2012. If you have a pic, send it in. These came via Steve Wozniak … amazing.

The Endeavor flyover in Los Angeles this weekend has mouths agape. The craft that once flew at multiple mach speed is touring at the speed of about 2 miles per hour above Los Angeles. Did you see it? We’d love to see the pics. In the meantime, scroll down slowly. According to the Los Angeles Times, NASA Endeavor will arrive at its new home at the California Science Center at 5 a.m. PT Sunday.

Got a pic? Send it along and we’ll add it to the Endeavor Flyover image gallery below.

The “Los Angeles Times” reported:

After a daylong series of delays stemming from trees bordering the street and a particularly narrow stretch of road, the space shuttle Endeavour is not expected to arrive at its final destination until after 5 a.m. Sunday.

The shuttle, now at Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza in Leimert Park, will turn right onto Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard sometime before midnight. It will then creep along in the predawn darkness, never exceeding 1 mph, for the last leg of its final journey,

“It’s not the turning–the turning is easy. We can turn this thing 360 degrees in place if we have to,”  said Ken Carryion, project manager for Sarens, the company controlling the transporters on which Endeavour rests. “it’s limited visibility. Even though we have light, it’s not the same as daylight.” Full story here.

Pics above came to Gina via Steve Wozniak’s list and the Fort People via NASA.gov.

Disclosure: Gina Smith coauthored the Wozniak memoir “iWoz: How I invented the Personal Computer and Had Fun Doing It” and does profit from book sales.