Countdown: Three Days to the End of the World Infographic

Written by Gina Smith

We’ve been counting down the last five days before the Mayan-predicted Dec. 21, 2012 end of the world with infographics. The third shows who believes it. Folks reportedly in Russia are stocking up on food, inexplicably. Food for the end of the world. Really? Check out the first and second ones I posted when I started the countdown this week. Armageddon is for sissies. Or is it. Wa ha ha.

People in Russia are panicking and — this is odd because they are stocking up on goods they supposedly believe they won’t be alive to eat — these folks aren’t the only panicky ones. This latest end of the world infographic polls who believes the ancient Mayan apocalypse predicted for Friday.

I know it’s not us. Or maybe we’re all in denial. Let’s not judge : )

So who are these people? IDEAS?┬áCheck out our latest end of the world infographic, third in our series of five counting backward to Friday, the day of Mayan reckoning. Check out the first one we posted this week here– that’s Countdown Five: End of the World Infographic — and here’s the previous one, Countdown Four: End of the World Infographic.

Great stuff in the five day countdown and cool facts. But I’m not sure whether to say sheesh or … eek.

Who believes?