eBay Same Day Shipping? Tech Now w Gina Smith 08.06.12

Written by Gina Smith

Another pilot of Tech Now w Gina Smith. It launched for real — one to two minute video on top tech story of the day with written and spoken analysis. Suggestions welcome. And let us know what you think about eBay Now, available now for registration for San Francisco residents.

Hey, San Francisco, looks like eBay is targeting you with a new same-day shipping service it calls eBay Now.

This is a test — only a test — in the form of an iOS app that lets San Francisco folk get $5 eBay same day shipping from products that come from area stores. At this writing, there is an “exclusive” beta that anyone is able register for. Click the link above and you’ll likely get a download link.

The firm eBay is under a bit of pressure lately, what with startups like TaskRabbit and others offering near instant satisfaction for shoppers. It’s impressive eBay noticed so quickly and is making a real attempt to catch up.

According to reps at the company, beta testers who sign up now get $15 off their first eBay Now order as well as free shipping on their initial three orders. Then — the other shoe drops and the $5 delivery fee goes into effect.

Well, nothing gold can stay. Robert Frost said that first.

eBay Now is available via its Milo platform and deliveries, reps say, could arrive in as little as an hour after ordering. Shopaholics beware.

If the system goes well, eBay reps say the firm will test in other markets with its partners on this project, Best Buy, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us and Macy’s. Not too shabby.

Here’s Pilot 3 of Tech Now w Gina Smith, which is officially launching on August 8, 2012. One tech topic in one minute — or two, tops : )

eBay same day shipping will be something I’ll for sure be trying out here in the Bay Area. Watch a review from me or someone else here on +Sandy Berger’s review team.

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