Dr. Who infographic, fiftieth anniversary 2013 plans

Written by Tom Ewing

Dr. Who Infographic, Fiftieth Anniversary 2013 Movie or Show in Works? Our Tom Ewing is an expert on all things Who — Dr. Who, that is. Check out the plans. Will all the Dr. Who characters join up in an extravaganza on the fiftieth anniversary of the Brit geek sci-fi extravaganza? Who knows? Well, Dr. Who might know. After all, he travels the future … and he impresses our hard-scrabble Tom Ewing.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not afraid to admit I’m a fan — a big fan — of the Dr. Who series. And next year, all sorts of Dr. Who fiftieth anniversary plans are afoot. First, check out this excellent Dr. Who infographic. Scroll below the fold as we update Dr. Who festivities — and even a rumored planned reunion of Dr. Who actors over the years. Click here to check out the Dr. Who Holiday special for December 2012.

Dr. Who infographic — Timeline of Dr. Who — below. Credit: Cabletv.com

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According to the official Dr. Who site, rumors abound about whether and what is planned. But there was this interesting nugget on the Dr. Who fiftieth anniversary plans.

According to the site:

Just recently John Simm spoke about returning to the role of the Master. Matt Smith has also stated he would like to battle the Doctor’s archenemy in a future episode.

Speaking to Red Carpet, Smith gave some further thoughts on the matter: “It would be interesting, I’d quite like to face the Master and whoop his ass! I don’t know what but I know that Steven will come up with something brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!”

Smith was a little conflicted this time on whether he’d prefer to face a new Master or John Simm: “It’s a tough one that because John was so brilliant, I like him and he’s such great actor. I don’t know though, it’s sort of exciting to think there could be a new Master out there sniffing around somewhere.”

aNewDomain.net will be following Dr. Who fiftieth anniversary developments — the show with the famous doctor who travels through time debuted in 1963 — so keep an eye on us and stay tuned.

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