Olympics 2012: More Domains Means More Medals

A non-exhaustive list of determining criteria for correlating domain registrations with Olympic medals
Written by Erik Vlietinck

The correlations between medals and the numbers of registered domains turned out to be decent predictors of medal winning at the London Summer Olympics 2o12.

The number of medals a country win in the London Olympics correlates with the number of its registered domains, a report on webhosting.info says.

It isn’t a direct match but the correlation is interesting. Criteria for registered domains varies, sure, but a high number of domains shows a culture of entrepreneurship and education quality.

Numerous factors influence the performance of a country’s athletes. Take my own country of origin — Belgium. Here two sports lead in popularity: soccer and cycling. The infrastructure, investments, medical research and development in Belgium even revolve around those two sports. Combine that with a culture that finds enjoying a good meal more important than keeping bodies in good condition, the result is a dearth of gold medals and world records.

Belgians have no impetus to invest in athletic performance, perhaps.

A non-exhaustive list of determining criteria for correlating domain registrations with Olympic medals

With 79,617,101 domains registered, the United States ranks highest in terms of the sheer number of registered domains. This corresponds with its first place standing at the Olympics medal table and 104 medals overall by the end of the Games. China, with 87 Olympic medals at this writing, is in second place medal-wise. China ranks third in the registered domains list with 5,220,289 domains.

The United Kingdom ranks fourth on the domain list and did well with 67 medals — a fourth place at the Olympic Medals Table.

Look at Germany. With 44 medals, it’s in fifth place. And the country ranks second in terms of its registered domains.

Athletes from countries with higher numbers of domain registrations also win the most medals.

Russia breaks the correlation, though. At this writing, it ranks 19 in the domains list but it earned 87 medals

Russia ranks high in the Olympics medal table, but has fewer domain registrations than Germany

An explanation for Russia: Its lag in numbers of domain registrations is due to politics and the .ru domain widely seen as having a criminal undertone and offering no protection against cybersquatting.