Meet aNewDomain Journalist and Senior Tech Pro: Dino Londis

Dino Londis, AND editor

By night, Dino Londis writes news commentary, opinion and satire for us here at By day, he’s securing desktops as an application management engineer at a big city Manhattan law firm.

Dino Londis, AND editor

Based in New York, Dino Londis is an application management engineer at a Manhattan law firm and is responsible for securing and maintaining the desktops at that relatively large organization.

He’s also an alum of The National Lampoon , BYTE, Dice.Com and more.

To me, Dino’s like that old gum commercial — he’s two, two, two contributors in one. Maybe he’s three. He’s a working tech pro by day, so readers get the benefit of his viewpoint from the front lines of tech. We also get Dino’s awesome news commentary and gadget reviews — they’re stellar.

Throughout this multiverse of a journalist’s life, Dino’s worked continually as a writer and as a network administrator, a tier-three support engineer and even as a help-desk technician. All this in the curious world of law firms and the lawyers who run them. Impressive.

Dino also writes for,, byte and the International Legal Technology Association. He’s written and edited for such pubs asXSeSS Living Magazine, and

The co-author of two Computers for Dummies books, Dino also creates illustrations and cartoons for us here at