DEMO 2012: Russ Johnson’s Tourist Guide to Tech’s Grand Bazaar

Russ Johnson takes you on a show-and-tell video tour of the top apps and technologies he found at DEMO 2012, high tech’s Grand Bazaar.

Psst, I be your tour guide. Cheap. No, don’t walk away. How about … for free? Let me guide you through what is probably the world’s most intriguing high-tech bazaar. DEMO 2012 was a souk for start ups, where new companies pitched their tech innovations to venture capitalists. Be not afraid. Let me take you by the hand and show you a couple of  apps that make virtual reality a tad more real, some exciting new travel apps, a virtual food fight, a motorized skateboard and more.

Covered in this video:

  • TourWrist – An iPhone/iPad app for creating 360-degree panoramas, viewed by twisting your wrists and turning your body.
  • DealAngel – A search engine for hotel deals that uses pricing analytics to find the best values instead of just the cheapest price.
  • Georama – A website developer who says it is “the first end-to-end leisure travel platform.”
  • MyGeoTreks – A mobile app (in beta) that allows local business and attractions, such as zoos and museums, to publish and share location-based information.
  • Arqball Spin – An app that lets you create 3D models using your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tilt World – A game that lets you donate the points you win to worthy causes, such as planting trees.
  • Fooya – A virtual food fight game to teach kids nutrition.
  • ZBoard – A weight-sensitive battery-powered skateboard.
And the winners…

Award Winners at DEMO 2012


Five of the top companies won the official DEMO God Awards from a total of 81 fledgling companies.

TourWrist – People’s Choice

Alpha Pitch Winner


Photo and video credit: Russ Johnson for