Daily Infographic: Six Common Phishing Attacks and How To Avoid Them

six common phishing attacks infographic snap
Written by aNewDomain Staff

This is a mega infographic — and a mega useful one, too. Check out the details on six common phishing attacks, and everything you ever wanted to know about how to avoid them.

aNewDomain — Our daily infographic today is all about phishing attacks — specifically, six common phishing attacks and how to avoid them.

You probably already know all about deceptive phishing, the fake emails you get from people faking the identity of banks and other companies with the goal of getting your data. By now, they are so common they are easy to avoid. But how up are you on Dropbox phishing, Google Doc phishing, spear phishing, pharming and CEO phishing? Check out the excellent infographic below. It’s Six Common Phishing Attacks and How To Avoid them, courtesy Cloud Technology Solutions. Thanks us later : )