Create Compelling Content: 22 Ways To Do It (infographic)

Here are 22 ways to create amazing content on your site. Nice infographic, courtesy of our friends at the social site,

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic

This from aNewDomain’s friends at the great social site Media Tapper. Its Michael van der Galien posted this infographic and we love it. It’ll help anyone trying to create evocative content online.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic
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Via: Mediatapper and Copyblogger, which originally titled this: 22 Ways to Create Compelling Content.

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  • Really informative. I struggle with my “mindless site”/blog. ( I am a fairly decent writer believe it or not. Sure I write on my blog with a lot of slang because I tend to speak that way. I do know how to draw “da line” when I need to go less slangy. My problem is I can’t say that I have a TRUE audience. When I have blogged on my site, it’s been more of a way for me to get items out of my head. They’re usually mindless, somewhat personal, or some type of observation.

    From time to time, I get geeky my content, but yet most of my subscribers aren’t into geek. They like mindless entertainment, I guess.

    A guy like me would love to write about tech, but find it difficult due to resources that other writers/bloggers have. I salute those that do write about the world of tech. It’s such a fast paced and changing world. Then you add in rumors and unicorns, it can be challenging.

    -RAP, II