Countdown: Five Days to the End of the World infographic

Written by Gina Smith

Well, this year flew by. Just five more days till the end of world, according to the ancient mayan calendar. Sounds nutty. But what an occasion for an infographic. Five more days, five more end of the world infographics. Enjoy them while they’re hot.

No matter how you slice it, some people are going to die on December 21, 2012. That’s regardless of whether it portends the end of the world as the ancient Mayans predicted it.  Sad but true. According to statistics from The World Fact Book, 151,600 people die each day.

We’ll begin our five-day end of the world infographic countdown with this one from we found via the stellar folks at — which takes issue with historical dates tied to the end of the world as everyone knows it. Today’s end of the world infographic: InfoMonkeys. Browse more infographics here.

The End of the World!



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