CLANG: Neal Stephenson Wants to Build a Video Game

So, you may be asking yourself, “What is this CLANG and why does Neal Stephenson want to build a video game?” And to that we have a few witty, yet informative answers:

1.) CLANG is a video game concept that Neal Stephenson, you know the guy who writes all those really awesome cyberpunk and historical fiction books wanted to bring to the world a sword fighting game that didn’t suck. (His words, trust me!) If you don’t know Neal, then check out the links and order you up some good reads!

2.) Well, we pretty much already hinted to the “why” — the fact that Neal really, really loves sword fighting and video games.  (Read a book or two from his collection, this will become very self evident.)  Nuff said.

Don’t believe us?  Hear it from the man himself. Beware, Neal can be a tad blunt:

Now you know the why and the how, here’s the really the good news!  Today the CLANG Kickstarter campaign was completed and was fully funded and then some. What does that mean? It means that Neal and his crew at the Subutai Corporation will continue their development of motion controls and an interface for the basic CLANG concept.  At the completion of that development a basic game, very similar to the Infinity Blade series, will be released to the public and a developer’s kit released to all who want it.

As Neal said himself, the goal is to build a game that doesn’t suck and is true to sword fighting.  Then let other game developers take the technology and build the really cool games around it.

Keep up with Neal, Team CLANG, and for more!  I’m Chris Poirier.

BONUS GEEK VID (If you REALLY like sword fighting):

.. you’re welcome… ;-)


  • I got to meet Neal at an event I filmed at Google in DC a few years ago. Absolutely the most straight-faced hilarious guy you’ll ever meet. I can’t *wait* to see what he does with this.