Christmas in July: Digital Music Sales Neither Joyful Nor Triumphant

Written by aNewDomain Staff

Christmas in July, an informal tradition, is honored by Apple this month — if you have holiday music in your collection, I am sure you know. It’s been back to back holiday songs for days now. Infographic on why that might annoy you..

As anyone who frequently shuffles songs on Apple iTunes knows, there has been a ton of holiday Christmas music playing — especially f you are like me and you have a bunch holiday tunes in your collection. I have zillions. And they are playing non-stop. It’s Christmas in July.

Ironic in a way, as a report today said online music buying is lagging.

Christmas in July is a long-time tradition for a lot of people — and exciting for a lot of little kids — and Apple’s pulling holiday songs to play during shuffle is a nice touch. Then again, recent surveys show that a lot of people are more stressed and depressed than uplifted by the holiday songs that will begun to deluge us after Halloween and continue for three months. What do you think?

Merry Christmas in July from Thanks to FreshEgg for this cool, timely graphic.