CES 2012: Amazon Kindle Fire Gets Vidyo Video Conferencing App

CES: Vidyo Launches Kindle Fire Videoconferencing App

Vidyo launched its ubiquitous videoconferencing app for the Amazon Kindle Fire at Showstoppers during CES 2012. And its rep tells Todd Townsend that Vidyo is “better than Skype” — and why.

CES 2011: Amazon Kindle Fire gets the new Vidyo app, according to the company’s announcement this week. Now its video conferencing service spans every major mobile OS and non mobile OS. The rep says it is “better than Skype?” Here’s our Todd Townsend getting a quick update at the media event Showstoppers this week in Las Vegas.


  • Sound and video quality on that demo was truly incredible, especially considering the state of the network here in Las Vegas this week. Also impressive — that backpack Gina is wearing in the background weighs just short of one metric ton.

    • LOL! Is there any platform Vidyo is not on? And what about all those women in different boxes on screen. At least Vidyo could get a connection, hard wired, at CES 2012. We would’ve killed for that. BTW this is why two people on video need to stand closer. I think I am distracting — there in that gap between them.

  • By the way, this story reminds us — the VIZIO announcements, word on the plane coming back that these seem kinda like Apple rip offs
    I think that’s a bit strong. Watch for that upcoming piece.

  • Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out demo out, guys! :)

    Always exciting to be at CES, and always fun to take on cool challenges: demonstrating a multipoint video call in HD with participants in Brazil, Japan, and California on all these mobile devices… over wireless…! It was a great success and a lot of fun!

    @Gina: Our boys in NJ are always excited about new devices: more toys for them to play with, and to use Vidyo on: the Kindle Fire was no exception. Who knows what will be the next new hot device? Whatever it turns out to be… chances are Vidyo will run on it!

    Hoping to see you guys again soon! Cheers!