CES 2012 Best Innovation, Design, Engineering Prize Nominees: Photo Gallery

We don’t usually run vendor supplied photos of equipment — aNewDomain prefers to show you tech unvarnished and untouched with vendor logos. An exception here because these products — nominees for the annual CES Design, Innovation and Engineering awards — are so damned purdy. Check out our senior photo journalist’s Julie Blaustein’s gorgeous taste and curation of the best designs captured at show. Excellence is wonderful to witness, JB. Good luck to the nominees …

Las Vegas: Just in case you were unable to make it to the show floor, congratulations on missing the cab lines and lack of WiFi anywhere here at CES 2012.

So while you were at home, we were at the Venetian Ballroom in Vegas to view what experts this week say are the best new products at the show this year in terms of innovation, engineering and design.

Here’s a photo gallery of the nominees.

The contest was different this year. Judged by a pretty impressive panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and pundits, check out the nominees and vote for one at the comments section below. Best answer gets lunch with me and another staffer in San Francisco. Serious.

Integrated Home Systems, 2D2C, Inc. - SafePlug Electrical Receptacles

SafePlug receptacles can help reduce energy consumption by up to 30%. SafePlug electrical duplex receptacles solve the toughest problem in home automation, accurate control and energy monitoring even when appliances move to a different receptacle.

Wireless Handsets, ASUS Computer International - Padfone

Padfone is a breakthrough product which combines smartphone and tablet into an all in one device. It allows consumers to choose the screen size that best fits their activities while sharing data and 3G internet access.

Portable Power, Audiovox Corporation - RCA USB Wall Plate Charger

The RCA USB Wall Plate Charger turns any standard home dual AC power outlet into a USB outlet in seconds, with fast, full-speed charging for 2 smartphones or 1 tablet, and standard power via the pass-through AC outlet. Truly Plug ‘N Play.

Health and Wellness, Basis - Basis Band

Basis Band, the world’s first connected health and heart rate monitor wearable on the wrist. A multi-sensor band collects data like heart rate, calories burned, physical activity and sleep patterns and links to a personal online dashboard.

Portable-Multimedia Accessories, Belkin - Kitchen Cabinet Mount

Bring your tablet into the kitchen without cluttering the counter. The Kitchen Cabinet Mount keeps your tablet in view and securely suspended on any cabinet or shelf without tools or permanent installation.

The fully configurable Devialet D-Premier forms the hub of a high-performance audio system combining a preamplifier, a patented Analog Digital Hybrid stereo power amplifier and a digital-to-analogue converter in a single elegant slim case.

MyFord Mobile

Ford’s MyFord Mobile app allows Focus Electric drivers to control car functions via a smartphone or website. Drivers can remotely control charge levels, plan single or multi-stop routes, locate charging stations, pre-heat/cool the car and more.

Personal Electronics, Libratone - Libratone Live

Live is an AirPlay Speaker playing 360° stereo like an acoustic instrument, reflecting it off the walls, eliminating the sweet spot, giving you freedom of movement. Wireless technology, hi-fi quality, and Scandinavian design – in one sound source.

Digital Imaging, Lytro - The Lytro light field camera

Lytrois introducing a new way to take and experience pictures. By the end of the year, Lytro will introduce the first light field camera that allows consumers to instantly capture interactive, living pictures and then focus them AFTER they are taken.

Eco-Design and Sustainable Technologies, Nest - Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest, the world’s first learning thermostat learns your preferences, programs itself to keep you comfortable, and guides you to energy savings. It saves energy when you’re away and adjusts to your changing schedule.

Computer Accessories, Plantronics - Plantronics Calisto 835

The Calisto 835 is a speakerphone that unites computer telephony, mobile and landline calls. A 2.4″ color display and a touch sensitive dial pad offers access to caller ID, dialing, answering, switching, and muting across connected devices.

The Razer Blade is a full aluminum chassis gaming laptop featuring true portability, incredible performance, and an all-new revolutionary user interface. Razer is introducing the world’s first true gaming laptop.

Headphones. Sonomax Technologies Inc. Custom-Fitted Earphones

eers(TM), the world’s only custom-fitted earphones that fit to your ears in only 4 minutes. 14 years in development, 13+ patents, Sonomax® expansion technology delivers incomparable sound isolation, fidelity and comfort.

Netbooks, Sony - Sony Tablet S1

The new Sony Tablet S is the tablet that breaks the mold. Inspired by a folded magazine, Tablet S is ergonomically designed and balanced to feel light and comfortable in the hand. Tablet S is about entertainment; it’s the first PlayStation certified.

Wireless Handsets, T-Mobile and HTC - HTC Amaze 4G

One of T-Mobile’s fastest smartphones, the HTC Amaze 4G is powered by a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and runs Android 2.3. The HTC Amaze 4G features a brilliant a 4.3-inch qHD Super LCD display and an advanced 8-megapixel camera.

[caption id=”attachment_4384″ align=”alignnone” width=”569″ caption=”Home Networking, Wi3

WiPNET layers a Wi-Fi and Ethernet network over the top of your coax cabling while maintaining all TV services. Simply replace existing TV wallplates with in-wall WiPNET ports. Each WiPNET delivers exceptional wired and wireless access.

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