Higgs Boson, the Web: CERN’s Greatest Hits and the Cernettes

CERN published the first pic on the web — one of its greatest hits, besides the Web itself. Check out CERN’s greatest hits.

CERN made the news big time last week for the Higgs boson sub atomic particle identification. Here’s a list of what I’d call CERN’s greatest hits.

Some of them make music. The CERN Music Club Web site lists 16 bands, the first of which was Les Horribles Cernettes, formed 22 years ago. This photo of the Cernettes was the first image published on the World Wide Web, a project developed by and led by Sir Tim Berners-Lee at CERN in Geneva.

The first image published on the Web

Despite the name, the Horrible Cernettes are not all that horrible. The ladies sing well and the lyrics are clever. Check out their song Collider:

If you like that, there is plenty more on their Web site and on YouTube. The Cernettes are going to disband after a July 21 concert that, I bet, will be posted on YouTube.

Now, The Cernettes were the first CERN group to hit the Web, but they were not the biggest.

That honor goes to Katherine McAlpine’s Large Hadron Rap. LHR is the coolest science rap song ever — if, like me, you like that genre. It’s been viewed 7,397,628 times.

One more — if you worry about the mad scientists at CERN creating a black hole that sucks in the Earth with its Hadron Collider, McAlpine’s Black Hole Rap will calm you down. I hope.

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