Ted Rall: With Media Like This, Who Needs Trump Rallies? [cartoon]

trump rallies

Most everyone is outraged about Trump’s giving a pass to the “good people” who march with the KKK. Too bad the media will lose focus soon ..

aNewDomain — After Pres. Trump defended white nationalists who rioted in Charlottesville on Wednesday, Americans on both sides of the aisle marveled at the lack of accountability. And it was the obvious that new White House chief of staff John Kelly isn’t able to muzzle an out-of-control president any better than Reince Preibus. Even Fox’ James Murdoch was outraged at Trump’s reluctance to portray the racists responsible for killing a 32 year old woman in Charlottesville as the bad guys.

As of this writing on early Friday morning, only a handful of congressional Republicans have come out to rebuke Trump for his insistence that among the white supremacists who killed the protester there were “good people.”

In the old days, we’d know that most GOP leaders would eventually come out to denounce the alt right, if not Trump. Sooner or later, the media pressure would be too much.

No longer. Media can’t focus on one story long enough to focus on this story, much less pressure lawmakers into doing the right thing. And that’s sad.

With media like this, who needs Trump rallies?

For aNewDomain, I’m Ted Rall.